Heights of Jupiter Meeting, May 10, 2018

A. Call to order – 7:06

B. Minutes approved from Feb. 8 meeting

C. Welcome and introductions (8 residents and 8 staff members in attendance)

D. No treasurer report, treasurer is in the Philippines

E. 1900 egg back (2600 eggs for next year’s event)

F. Great American Cleanup on April 14 – 16 pounds of recycle by 7 people

G. Old Business

a. New drain is in at the front of the Heights Blvd

b. Water goes into the Abacoa golf pond

H. Robin Hood – Code update (105 cases since Feb)

a. New ordinance coming to set time limit for people to have to remove their shutters after a storm

b. Town Times article coming out about parking code violations

I. Sherri no longer working with the neighborhood. Officer O’Neill Anderson is the temporary while a set person is decided – Police Update

a. States from Jan to May 8 (209 calls for service – suspicious vehicle etc)

b. Auto burglaries (6 in January) – smashed windows in the vehicles (Diamond, Kendrick and Linton)

c. Being next to 95 Interstate, neighborhood is doing really well

d. Residential burglaries (normally happen during the day time) – one per month of January through May 8

e. January 11 – armed robbery and suspect was apprehended

f. Non-emergency number is best number to call when you see something suspicious

g. PD Jupiter page – Community Crime Map.com

J. Grant status – Grant has been approved

a. $2,927 –match from the Town

b. Approved for doggie waste stations (2 north of Frederick Small and 2 south) with bags to start

c. Approved set of trees (3 Sable Palms) for Heights Blvd. – 3 trees, watering (to be put in between Fredrick Small to Leslie)

d. Approval for the welcome sign to be pressure washed and painted

e. $5,800 is the total (Heights will have to front the money), Town will reimburse $2,927.00

f. We have a year to get the grant used

g. We can’t apply for grant for the next 3 years

h. Mailing to the residents of the Heights to ask for one time donation for improvements

Upcoming projects

      • Outside of grant, 3 more benches and trash cans (Soriano, Fredrick Small, one at cross over)

      • New benches to be put in during the next month

      • Lights are being put in on Heights Blvd. by FPL, date TBD

      • Website to be updated – Website is created ($100 a year to have it up) heightsofjupiter.net

      • Stickers to go on the meeting signs in the Heights

      • To do a mailing Town will help with cost (want to see what we want to do – be strategic)

Parks Survey

Most people used the playground

Volleyball court and the grass field had more below average (a lot of people said there are fire ants

Clay is messy for dogs and shoes – prefer gravel or mulch

More water fountains, fitness equipment, dog area and playground improvements

Talk about it with the experts to come up with what can and can’t

Satu (Department of Neighborhood Services) update –

Speed bumps located on Marion in front of Park to be installed

Clay is the best material according to the parks expert

There is a masterplan for all the parks in the Town with the order, our park is a newer park (about 10 years ago) – before 2025

Cinquez Park dog park on Indiantown Road to be open this summer hopefully