Town of Jupiter

Police Department Tips

Crime Tips from your Jupiter Police Department Neighborhood Enhancement Officer

· See something, say something- Call the Jupiter Police Department

o Don’t delay the phone call, the faster you call the better chance Police have in making contact with a possible suspect or suspicious person

o Call 561-746-6201 for non-emergency or 911 if it is an emergency

· Work a nightly safety check into your routine.

o Check your vehicle and remove valuables and key fobs

o Do not leave firearms ANYWHERE in vehicle, locked or otherwise.

o Make sure your vehicle windows are up and doors are locked.

o Double check that your residence is locked.

o If you have an alarm, make it a habit to set it before bed.

o Consider security cameras or doorbells for your residence.

· “Ring” offers a free app for residents

o Can view videos posted by those with the security cameras

o Alerts are posted when crimes and safety issues occur instantly

o Allows you to see if you have a similar case to your neighbors

· If a crime is committed call and report it. Even if you don’t want to press charges, it allows Jupiter Police to know there may be a problem in your area and police will know to extra patrol the area.

· Call if you see solicitors

o Peddlers and solicitors must obtain a Town of Jupiter solicitor’s permit and business tax registration before engaging in any activity