Friends of Jupiter Heights meeting - February 13, 2019

  1. Call to order - 7:03 PM

  2. Introductions

  3. Minutes approved

  4. Bench is facing the road and will stay facing the road

  5. They will be repaving Heights Blvd. Measurements are done but no date yet for when work will happen

  6. We moved banks from Wells Fargo to PNC to prevent fees. $4,133.51 in the bank currently

  7. Entrance sign enhancements – Residents have agreed to pressure wash the entrance sign. We can buy the paint and Vickie Richmond-Johnson and family will paint the sign

  8. Now looking to order the dog waste stations. Going to be located near benches and trash cans along Heights Blvd. These will have bags and will have to have volunteers replace bags periodically.

    1. Should there be some off of Marion have dog poop station? Try on Heights first and then see if we should expand.

  9. Event at the end of April - Neighborhood cleanup

    1. Karen has the contact information.

    2. Last year picked up a ton of trash in the park

    3. Need someone to be lead to identify locations, date and time for the pickup as well as post on social media-Ruth Beaumont has agreed to do this

  10. Got $2,800 matching grant from Town of Jupiter. Ours can be in kind. We have a set rate for hours. This grant included waste stations, cleaning up, and sable palms. There are no palms from Frederick Small to Leslie. The plants are too expensive so that aspect would not happen this year

    1. Do an adopt a tree program to help make the palms happen, there would be a little plaque in turn for payment

    2. Submit tree types to Julie for approval

  11. PD Update

    1. Officer Zeitz - Our neighborhood reach out officer

      1. 35 disturbance calls

      2. 30 suspicious activity calls - helps PD find people in an action

        1. None of those calls resulted in anything big

      3. 6 thefts - many were none

        1. One reported christmas package

        2. Blower stolen from lawn service

      4. Couple stolen vehicles

        1. Cars were unlocked

      5. Crime tips to share with neighborhood

        1. See something, say something

        2. Don’t delay the phone call

        3. Work a nightly safety check routine (check car for valuables and make sure it is locked up and make sure house is locked up)

        4. Something like ring, ring app is free (useful information)

        5. If crime committed, please report even if you don’t want to press charges

        6. We have a community crime map - shows crime that has happened in the area

        7. Cops and Teens talk - every second Wednesday after high school lets out

  12. Speeding issue on Marion is a problem. Working on including the patrol having that in the list for them. If speeders are there, always call. To complain about the traffic calming, please talk to the engineer department. Can voice your opinion at Town Council meeting as well

  13. 5th Easter Egg Hunt

    1. We have 2,600 empty eggs

    2. April 20, 2019

    3. We need candy for this event - no chocolate

    4. You can stop by Karen’s house, get eggs to fill

    5. Or you can contribute financially

    6. Amazon wish list for the Heights has been set up and you can purchase candy to be sent directly to chairman so we get begin filling eggs

  14. Postcard or letter to every resident asking for a donation

    1. Do the entrance sign and then send to show we are doing things

    2. We can set up a fund page on our website so people could donate online

  15. Ruth has looked at us becoming a 501c3 Non-Profit

    1. We would have to file taxes every year

    2. Division of forestry has a great grant that would pay for plants

    3. Right now the cost of becoming the non-profit 501c3 doesn’t make sense

  16. Our park is set for renovations in 2020

    1. Looking to make a committee for the parks

  17. Shoe project

    1. Shoe collection group. Looking for slightly used shoes for kids and adults. Looking to do it in the community

  18. Palm Beach County Food Project update

  19. Street Lights - FPL has committed to putting in 10 lights on Heights Blvd. They do this based on necessity and needs.

    1. Betty Wolpert starting a petition to get this going and Julie will find contact

  20. Meeting Location and day of the week

    1. Abacoa Community Park on second Tuesday of the month at 7 pm

      1. May 14, 2019 is the next meeting

      2. Need six signs for the neighborhood-Town will make them for us

  21. Raffle

  22. Adjourn - 8:21 PM