Feb 8, 2019

Friends of Jupiter Heights Feb. 8 Meeting

A. Call to order - 6:59 pm

B. Welcome and introductions

C. Minutes approved from the Nov. 9 meeting

D. Pot holes on Heights Blvd. are fixed

E. Douglas Koennicke - Engineering department to speak about issues

a. When will we get lights on the road Heights Blvd

  1. FPL was supposed to put 10 lights on Heights Blvd.
  2. Town waiting to hear back from FPL
  3. Town expects to have plans and start putting lights in by end of this year, early next year
  4. For people who want lights on side streets, you can request a light on a utility pole on your property from FPL and the fee will be $11 a month

b. Drainage of water off of Donald Ross to Heights entrance

  1. In the next month and half they will working on the drain and putting in the new structure to accommodate the leaves and the water
  2. The water will go to the lake on the Golf Course

c. Traffic Calming throughout Heights

  • No current plans in the Town to put in any traffic calming or reduce the speed limits
  • Town is looking at road in front of the park as far as installing traffic calming
  • ID some locations that the neighborhood as a whole would like to see more traffic control
  • Karen will ID a couple streets based on residents previous requests that she will send to Doug so the engineer department will look into it

d. Repairs on sidewalks by canals on Heights Blvd. have started

e. Working with the Town to install 3 to 4 trash cans and maybe a bench north of Frederick Small on the Heights (East side of street)

F. Robin from Code did an update - Less code violations than previous quarter

G. Sherri from Police Depart did update

H. Treasury update - we have $4,412.68 in our account

I. Neighborhood will submit a grant to the Town’s Neighborhood Grant Matching program where the town will match up to $5,000 on projects. The grant request will include neighborhood entrance sign updates, dog poop bag stations (cost per station will be around $120 and then we will have to maintain buying bags as neighborhood) along Heights by the trash cans the Town installs and adding trees (like palm trees) along Heights Blvd.

J. Upcoming neighborhood events

a. Great American Cleanup is the April 14th - Karen registered for the Neighborhood but she needs a coordinator for it

b. Annual Easter Egg Hunt - weekend before Easter

  1. Last year more than 1,000 eggs gone in five minutes - aiming for 1,500 eggs this year
  2. We will be asking for candy and monetary donations
  3. There may be egg stuffing party the day before and volunteers will be needed

K. HOJ (Heights of Jupiter) stickers are available for $5 - money goes to Friends of Heights

L. Karen needs volunteers to help her put up the meeting signs throughout the Neighborhood a week before the meeting each quarter

M. Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm